What is Institute for Strategic Initiative?

Institute for Strategic Initiatives (ISI) is an Indonesia-based research institute that works to generate knowledge for deepening democracy and achieving social justice.  ISI also supports strategic initiative towards policy change by forming strategic alliances with reformers and scholars to create changes and bringing the best knowledge from research and experts, tailor fit with the context within which reform initiatives take place.

What We do

ISI aims to shape ideas for change by providing policy alternatives from our cutting-edge analytical framework as well as valuable experiences. We provides researches with focus, assisting partners to truly shape their concerned issues and transform it into a research. We then conduct the research that integrates into the context of the problem using and using tools that help for timely results such as gadgets and telecommunication tools that help real time data, better accuracy and close monitoring.

Balanced Perspective

One thing that differentiate ISI is that we provides balance perspectives from, scholars, civil society, government, corporations and other stakeholders. This balanced perspectives are also driven by the experiences of our experts, whether as researcher, policy advocate or as academia. As researcher, we consult and measure the opportunity to generate change, based on contexts and concepts. As policy advocate, we are passionate and understand the urgency of advocacy to bring change and as academia, we utilize knowledge into the dynamic of policy-making and research. With these experiences we can bridge both sides of a coin by combining both theoretical and practice.


We apply scientific research to support evidence based policymaking as well as committed to provide partnership and consultation to implement the results after the research is completed.

Strategic Alliances
ISI forms alliances with the best local and global researchers that will strengthen our research and its outcome. We collaborate with leading universities in Indonesia and beyond. We also develop partnership with civil society organizations, unions, journalists to provide integrated advocacy strategy.

Partnership in Implementation
We will assist partner to implement the program. We always allow our clients to have further discussion and scenarios all the way through implementation process.

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